Amplify Tablet

Android Mobile Learning System for K–12 classrooms

Figure 1: Amplify Tablet.

From 2013–2016, I was a Senior Software Engineer / Technical Lead at Amplify, a New York City educational technology company focused on the K-12 market.  In particular, I worked in their Access division, which  developed an Android mobile learning system for real-time interaction between teachers and students directly in the classroom.  The system is an end-to-end solution: a complete Android ecosystem providing hardware, software, and content components.



Figure 2: Amplify Tablet hardware.


The Amplify Tablet (Figure 2) was designed by Intel Education and built for the rigors of K-12 classroom use. The tablet features a rugged, IP52 splash-resistant design; Corning Gorilla Glass provides break and scratch resistance; and integrated bumpers protect the tablet from the inevitable drops.  Optional case and keyboard configurations are also provided.



    Figure 3: Amplify Tablet software (teacher's view).


    The instructional software (Figure 3) connects directly with a district’s student information system to provide easy provisioning and personalization of tablets. Students are provided a mobile learning device that is organized around their classes. Teachers gain easy-to-use classroom tools that help them plan lessons (Figure 4), prepare quizzes, share multimedia resources, and quickly check students’ level of understanding.


    Figure 4: Amplify Lesson (Playlist) Builder.




    Figure 5: Amplify Tablet Market.


    The Amplify Market is a store that provides teachers and students with easy access to curated K-12 apps. The market includes subject-specific apps, as well as the best tools and most engaging educational games available today.  Apps are accompanied by useful pedagogical information that helps teachers use them effectively in classroom instruction.