Peering Inside Your GIT Stash / by Steve Yohanan

Git users should be all too familiar with the "stash" command for temporarily setting aside your current changes to get back to a clean state.  A common use case is hopping to a different branch when you don't want to actually commit changes on the current branch.

It is not uncommon for the stash stack to grow to the point where you lose track of what's on it. It is easy enough to recall the top of your stash, especially if it was pushed in recent memory.  Inevitably, though, one forgets what's in there.

Typically, i just drop the states I don't remember but figured there had to be a way to find out what is actually in there. To provide greater context to a particular stash:

$ git stash show

This displays a diff between the changes in the stash and its original parent.

More details at git-stash and Git - Stashing.